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Samurai Coins

Each Dontion will go towards making a better server and keeping it open long term.

Price Amount Bonus
10 € 40,000 -
20 € 80,000 -
30 € 120,000 -
40 € 160,000 5000
50 € 200,000 20,000
60 € 240,000 40,000
70 € 280,000 70,000
80 € 320,000 100,000

Donation Rules

First of all, we would like to thank every donator for contributing into our server’s developement.

Donations are materials given by private persons without receiving anything in exchange.

You agree, that by making a donation you are not buying any product or service.

To show our appreciation we reward donators with Credits in return for their support.

The donations are used to keep the server running, as well as improving our network.

You agree, that all transactions made are final and will not be refunded in any way.

You agree, that virtual assets such as player items will not be restored if lost or stolen.

Donation Methods Manually

Contact <A>Samurai After Donate Done in Discord or ingame!

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